Patient Advocacy in Clinical Trial Design

Tamir Gilat, Chairman of Israel Cancer Research Fund 

Tamir's life story is the heart of his lecture. 
Tamir has been diagnosed at 2011 with two different types of cancer. 
Tamir copes with his condition in various paths that are integrating conventional treatments as well as experimental treatments that extended his life expectancy. 
The way Tamir combines his mental strength, conventional treatments, spiritual way, experimental and research processes, have become milestones and assets, in the treatment and education of cancer. 

In exposing his story, Tamir brings many difficult questions and situations that he had, and still is, dealing with. Tamir shares the dilemmas, thoughts and feelings of cancer patients, and also their involvement in the treatment process. Tamir personal struggle became public and an inspiration to cancer patients and to people and audiences in the world. Since Tamir was diagnosed, he voluntarily devoting most of his time to cancer matters. As chairman of the Israel Cancer Research Fund-ICRF, Tamir is spreading the importance of supporting cancer research and researchers in Israel and promotes public awareness. Tamir also devotes his time to encourage and support cancer patients and their families In their struggle, in his unique embracing way and mental strength. 

Tamir reveals the tragedy of the loss of his wife, mother of their two daughters. 
Keren Nahari, an amazing mother and brilliant attorney, who passed away seven months ago after a long struggle with breast cancer. 

Tamir has three daughters, whom he raises and educates with love and devotion.