Engaging Industry Partners in Non-Profit-Led, Innovative Clinical Trials: The Precision Promise Experience

Wendy Selig, MsJ 
Founder & CEO, WSCollaborative

A key element of improving outcomes and enhancing quality of life for cancer patients resides within clinical trials to evaluate new therapeutic options.  However, despite extraordinary costs, oncology clinical trials often struggle to accrue patients and too many end in failure.  

Non-profit patient advocacy organizations are stepping up to the challenge by launching innovative clinical trials using new models to enhance efficiency, improve odds of success and place the patient at the center.  Among the new models are master protocols, in which multiple therapy arms are tested under a single protocol using common controls.  A key component of this new paradigm is collaboration, with the critical need to engage leaders across sectors in novel ways. Specifically, these new trials depend on bringing multiple industry partners to the table to provide access to their development pipelines, financial support and expertise.  Non-profit organizations are creating new ways to engage with pharmaceutical, biotech and device companies that will provide value for all and incentivize collaboration.

A real-time example of this new paradigm is Precision Promise, launched by the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  Precision Promise is a research and clinical trials platform that creates a culture of cooperation and learning among clinicians, researchers and industry, putting the patient at the center of every decision.   In defining new opportunities for success against a devastating and hard-to-treat disease, PanCAN has developed and implemented a variety of novel models and innovative mechanisms to successfully engage industry partners in Precision Promise, securing access to promising compounds, scientific and clinical expertise and financial support.